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Earn bonus points every week by completing Booster actions. Together, these Boosters represent more than 3,000 additional points: a real boost to move up the leaderboard.

The rarer the Plays in your album, the more powerful they are.


Good to know 

Your 2-star Plays can be transformed into Boosters

Every week, Booster actions allow you to earn bonus points. 

Want to earn bonus points? Here's how!

Each Play is classified according to a level of scarcity determined by the quantities issued.

  • 1 stars (Open edition) unlimited supply
  • 2 stars (Remarkable) represent 95% of the Plays available
  • 3 stars (Exceptional) --> 3.5 %
  • 4 stars (Spectacular) --> 1.5 %
  • 5 stars (Legendary) --> 0.1 %

By building a collection of Plays, you own a piece of rugby history and you join a large Fan’s community with whom you will gain new Rugby Fan’s experiences in real life.


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