Summary of the first 3 rounds of the TOP 14

Publié le 2023-09-24

During the World Cup break, let's take a look at the performances of the teams in our league at the start of the season.


BAYONNE_2022-.pngAVIRON BAYONNAIS ➡️ A mixed start (1 win, 2 defeats)


Bayonnais got the championship off to a perfect start with a 26-7 win over champions Toulouse at their Jean-Dauger stadium. They then lost to Toulon, but came away with a valuable defensive bonus point (19-14). Bayonnais, on the other hand, suffered a heavy defeat at Castres on Matchday 3, failing to score a single point (37-0). As if the Castres in-goal didn't exist.


BORDEBORDEAUX_2018-.pngAUX-BÈGLES ➡️ An encouraging start to the season (2 wins, 1 defeat)


The Bordelos-Béglais lost the opening match of the championship to Racing 92 (23-18), but picked up a defensive bonus point. They then followed that up with 2 straight wins over Castres (25-23) and Toulon (22-17) at their Chaban-Delmas stadium. Bordeaux loves suspense, and so do we!


CASTRES_2018-.pngCASTRES OLYMPIQUE ➡️ A diesel start (2 wins, 1 loss)


The Castrais won by the slimmest of margins on the opening day against Pau (24-23). They then lost at Chaban Delmas by just two points (25-23) before beating Bayonne on an amazing score (37-0).


CLERMONT_2019-.pngCLERMONT AUVERGNE ➡️ A monotonous start (2 wins, 1 defeat)


ASM were outclassed by promoted Oyonnax in their league opener (36-17). They then responded well at home to USAP (38-14) and La Rochelle (11-10), in a boring match.


LA ROCHELLE_2016-.pngLA ROCHELLE ➡️ A mediocre start (1 win, 2 defeats)


Deprived of a number of key players, Les Rochelais opened their league campaign with a 26-15 defeat at Montpellier. They then responded well at Marcel-Deflandre against LOU (35-14). Just before the summer break, they left "Le Michelin" with a disappointing defensive bonus point (11-10). The Rochelais fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their international players.


LYON_2009-.pngLYON ➡️ A good start, then a rout (1 win, 2 defeats)


Lyon got their season off to the perfect start with an attacking bonus point win over RCT (27-15). They then conceded 35 points at La Rochelle and 40 at Pau. A break that will do the Lyonnais a world of good to get their heads back in the game. Over the past few days, we've had to deal with a few "LOUveteaux" on the pitch.


MONTPELLIER_2013-.pngMONTPELLIER ➡️ A very mixed start (1 win, 2 defeats)


Despite their opening victory over La Rochelle (26-15), Montpellier then fell apart in the first half of the championship. Dominated by Toulouse on Matchday 2 (38-13), they failed to respond against Stade Français, losing 24-9. They will need to react quickly if they are to avoid going off course.


OYONNAX_2018-.pngOYONNAX ➡️ A decent start for a promoted team (1 win, 2 defeats)


Admittedly, the results were not very good, but the content was rather encouraging. On their return to the top flight, Oyonnax beats Clermont 36-17 on their return to action. They then lost at Paris (28-18), before coming close to a defensive bonus against Toulouse (21-27). We're being rather lenient with the newcomers.


PAU_2021-.pngPAU ➡️ Excellent recovery for The Palois (2 wins, 1 defeat)


Despite losing by a single point to Castres (24-23), Les Palois quickly responded in the best possible way. After a hard-fought 19-17 win over Racing, the men in green outclassed LOU Rugby before the break, taking the attacking bonus (40-10). But who is this team?


PERPIGNAN_2017-.pngPERPIGNAN ➡️ A poor start (3 defeats)


The Catalans have had a disastrous start to the season. Defeated at home by Stade Français on Matchday 1 (7-29), they failed to respond against Clermont (38-14) and suffered a heavy defeat against Racing on Matchday 3 (59-10). With 126 points conceded in 3 matches, Perpignan's start to the season has been nothing short of complicated. Should they have joined the Pro D2 last year?


RACING_2015-.pngRACING 92 ➡️ A good start to the season (2 wins, 1 defeat)


Racing got their campaign off to a good start with a 23-18 win over Bordeaux. They then lost to Pau at Le Hameau, picking up a defensive bonus (19-17). Finally, they unleashed their rugby against the Catalans of USAP (59-10), scoring 9 tries in the process. Les Ciel et Blanc show no mercy...


STADE FRANCAIS_2018-.pngSTADE FRANÇAIS ➡️ Received 3/3 (3 wins)


Admittedly, Stade Français have yet to face any of the big names in the Top 14, but they have done the basics - 3 games, 3 wins. First of all against Perpignan (7-29), then against Oyonnax (28-18), before dominating Montpellier (24-9). Real stadium gods!


TOULON_2015-.pngTOULON ➡️ A rollercoaster start (1 win, 2 defeats)


RCT lost to Lyon in the opening match of the championship (27-15). They then responded well with a 19-14 win over Bayonne. Before the break, they came away from Bordeaux with a valuable defensive bonus point (22-17). Toulon is a mess.


TOULOUSE.pngTOULOUSE ➡️ The rise crescendo (2 wins, 1 defeat)


In the opening match of the championship at Jean-Dauger, the Toulousans looked unrecognisable against the Basques, losing 26-7. They then responded like champions by outclassing Montpellier (38-13), before winning at Oyonnax (21-27). Never doubt the big clubs.


See you on 29 October to find out what happens next!



Andrea Gellé is what you might call a rugby enthusiast, a fan of the oval ball.  He's been playing rugby for 15 years now, talking rugby, eating rugby and sleeping rugby. Top 14, Pro D2, Champions Cup, Challenge Cup, 6 Nations, World Cup, he knows all the teams and all the players. An undisputed fan of Stade Toulousain and the French national team, he travels to every stadium to support his teams.


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