Rugby vocabulary

Publié le 2023-12-04

Technical gestures :


Technical move, often used by scrum halves. It involves passing behind the back with one hand. Not to be reproduced at home, unless your name is Antoine Dupont, he's the specialist.


Overflow (or Cad-Deb) :

A shortened form of the French word for "cadrage-débordement" or "framing and outflanking", this involves taking a defender on the wrong foot and outflanking him by accelerating. At the risk of killing your knee, ask Damian Penaud, he's a professional in this genre.


Up and Under kick:

Up and Under kick is a type of footwork where the ball rises very high to put pressure on the opponent. Watch an extract from the final between Toulon and Castres.

Ma Vidéo MP4



This is a move specific to three-quarterbacks, and in particular wingers, which consists of performing a support-against-support to get past the opposing defender. If you don't want to break your back, who better to show you than Cheslin Kolbe.


Tackles :

A caramel, a cartridge, a cork:

All these words actually mean the same thing, to literally cut up your opponent. If I were you, I'd run fast in the other direction to avoid getting the 'Dark Destroyer' in my face, a reference to Thierry Dusautoir, the former captain of "Les Bleus."


Spear Tackle:

This is a type of tackle that involves carrying your opponent and turning him over in the air so that he crashes to the ground. Obviously, this type of tackle is not permitted and can have serious consequences for both the tackler and the tackled player. Guilhem Guirado can't be proud of what he did, and neither can you who are watching this video.



This tackle, on the other hand, is totally legal and involves tripping your opponent with the aid of your hand. Take a look at Jérôme Fillol's ankle-tap, a model of its kind.


Naughty things :


This totally forbidden gesture consists of putting your two fingers in your opponent's eyes to neutralise them. Never do that!

A tie :

A tie is a totally forbidden gesture that is summarised as a high tackle. It's called this because the tie is placed at neck level, like a high tackle.

Obviously, we won't be showing you this kind of inexcusable rugby gesture.




Andrea Gellé is what you might call a rugby enthusiast, a fan of the oval ball.  He's been playing rugby for 15 years now, talking rugby, eating rugby and sleeping rugby. Top 14, Pro D2, Champions Cup, Challenge Cup, 6 Nations, World Cup, he knows all the teams and all the players. An undisputed fan of Stade Toulousain and the French national team, he travels to every stadium to support his teams.


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