How to spend a memorable evening watching France-New Zealand ?

Publié le 2023-09-09

Rugby Mania 2023: what will your evening be like on Friday 8 September 2023?

Like all rugby fans, you're preparing for an intense evening on Friday 8 September. With this opening match of the Rugby World Cup 2023, whatever club you support in the TOP 14, you'll be supporting the French jersey in this clash between France and New Zealand!

Whether you're a stadium regular or just discovering the sport thanks to this global event, there are plenty of recipes for an unforgettable evening of rugby.

1. The stadium experience: Nothing beats the electrifying energy of being at the heart of the action. Put on your jersey and immerse yourself in the frenetic atmosphere of the Stade de France. The chants, shouts and waves of supporters make up the atmosphere of the match and are an integral part of rugby! Of course, this option requires a bit of forethought, given the speed with which tickets sell out at the opening.

2. The atmosphere in the bar: join a crowded bar where the excitement is at its peak. The cheers and collective encouragement will make you feel like you're in the stands. Don't hesitate to make new friends who share your passion for rugby. In general, the later the evening goes on, the closer the bonds become. It also works with the barman.

3. Buddy night: organise a get-together at your place with your rugby fan friends. Beers, pizzas and a giant screen will turn your living room into an impromptu stadium. Discuss the action, make fiery predictions and shout out during the tries: it's a great way to hear which of your neighbours the picture is coming to late!

4. Family time: if rugby is a family affair, get everyone together in front of the television. The lively debates, shouts of joy and tense moments will make this an unforgettable evening. Be careful, however, to select the right venue: flats with white sofas and a manic host are to be avoided.

‍5. The child's trick: if you're a child and there really was no way of negotiating, why not try watching the match at the top of the stairs while your parents think they've put you to bed? A secret adventure to experience the match clandestinely!

6. The stealth view: if an argument at home deprives you of access to the living room, try to catch a glimpse of the neighbour's TV behind the hedge. The suspense will be heightened as you watch every crucial moment of the match. Don't forget to pack a jumper.

Stealth viewing is still an option on stormy evenings.

A famous rugby player once said, "The spectators are our sixteenth man on the pitch, their passion drives us to give our best." So, whatever your choice, be ready to support your favourite team at this Rugby World Cup 2023. Wherever you are, make sure you're in for a great night of rugby!

Where are you planning to watch the opening match of the World Cup?
Our thoughts go out to our TOP 14 players who have rejoined their national teams, and our special support goes out to those who will be pulling on the blue - white - red jersey this evening.
Long live France!



Pierre Largemain is what is sometimes called "a fundamentalist". Rugby? He's been playing, watching and talking about it for nearly 30 years. And sometimes he even dreams about it at night. Dreams full of skipped passes, split passes, disintegrating tackles and last-second drop kicks in the World Cup final. Pierre has agreed to share his most precious memories with us. And sometimes even to recount those of others.

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