15 reasons to spend a legendary evening with Louis Picamoles

Publié le 2023-09-15

Come and discover the 15 reasons why you'll have an unforgettable experience alongside Louis Picamoles, legend of the XV de France:

1‍. His expertise in the blue jersey

Because with 82 caps, he's one of the most experienced players in the history of the XV de France. Only 9 of them have done better in the colours of the Rooster. So when it comes to a match with the French national team... he knows what he's talking about!

2‍. His dressing room secrets

‍He played with 23 players in the France squad. So even though what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room... he might still have some confidential files on his former teammates to share with you.  

3. His memories against Italy

‍Because he once lost a game to Italy. Yes, it happens even to the best. So he'll know perfectly well what pitfalls to avoid for the French XV. And why you should always be wary of the Squadra Azzura.

4. The number 1000

Because even though he has nothing to do with it, Louis Picamoles is international number 1000. And it's quite a feather in his cap.

5. The title of boss

Because he probably played for your favourite club. Montpellier, Toulouse, Bordeaux, he's shone just about everywhere. And has always won unanimous praise. In fact, he's worn the armband almost everywhere.

6. His nickname "King Louis

Ladies and Gentlemen: spend some time with one of the few Frenchmen to have played outside the Top 14. The third row was one of the major players in the English championship with Northampton. With the Saints, he became "King Louis", patron saint of our neighbours.

7. His legendary record

Because he's won everything. Or almost everything. Winner of the French Championship, the Champion's Cup and the Challenge Cup, the only trophy missing is the William Webb Ellis Cup. But he was a finalist in 2011...

8. His travel book

Because he played in the World Cup. Three times. On 3 different continents. Experience can't be given away, but sometimes it can be told.

9. The MHR Fantastic 4

Louis doesn't have any superpowers, but he has inherited a super nickname. Along with his Montpellier mates Fulgence Ouedraogo, François Trinh-Duc and Julien Tomas, they embodied the revival of the MHR. Young, handsome and talented, they are Montpellier's Fantastic 4. So Louis, what's it like to be a superhero?

10. His friends

Because what he misses in rugby are his friends. Just the thing: you're going to spend the evening with him! The start of a beautiful friendship?

11. Its solidity

Having a friend who's 1.92m tall and weighs 118kg is reassuring. But that's no reason to look out for your neighbours in the stands!

12. Its 2 big "dolphins

Because you're about to spend some time with one of the most powerful players in the world. His former team-mate Sébastien Kuzbik used to say of him, "You tackle him at the top, you knock yourself out, you tackle him at the bottom, you knock yourself out. Nobody wanted to tackle him with his two big dolphins (thighs)". Do you like cetaceans?

13. Its festivities

Because he was one of the players who imposed Freed From Desire in the dressing rooms of the French national team. Then after the French rugby team's victories. And football. And any sport. FREDDD FROMMM DESSSIRREEE! LA LA LA LALALA LA !  

14. His cheese

Because you can talk goat milking and whey. Louis Picamoles is trying to launch a farm specialising in organic goat's cheese. A passionate job.

15. His acting career

Louis may have starred in a film, but it's his cousin Quitterie Picamoles' career that you should be talking about. As the former third row says so well, "there's more to life than rugby". There's art too.



Pierre Largemain is what is sometimes called "a fundamentalist". Rugby? He's been playing, watching and talking about it for nearly 30 years. And sometimes he even dreams about it at night. Dreams full of skipped passes, split passes, disintegrating tackles and last-second drop kicks in the World Cup final. Pierre has agreed to share his most precious memories with us. And sometimes even to recount those of others.

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